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All Day Menu

9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
V - vegetarian | VG - vegan

Foole Plate | 12.99

Fava beans mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, parsley, tomatoes, jalapenos, and garlic. Served with Arabic bread. (VG). 

Goat Cheese & Honey Plate | 14.99

Thick-cut goat cheese drizzled with honey. Served with Arabic bread and fresh fruits. (V). 


Zeit U Zaatar & Labneh | 12.99

A platter of spiced zaatar, labneh with olive oil, veggies, and Arabic bread. (V). 

Spinach Pie Plate | 10.99

Two spinach pies served with a green salad. (V).

Combo Plate | 15.99

Tabouli salad, green salad, grape leaf, and hummus. (VG). 

Jerusalem Hummus Plate (Msabaha) | 12.99

Whole chickpeas mixed with diced tomatoes, cucumber, and tahini sauce. Topped with olive oil. (VG).

Hummus Ajami with Beef | 14.99

Ground beef sauteed with salt, pepper, and Middle Eastern spices over homemade hummus and topped with roasted almonds. Served with Arabic bread. 

Hummus Ajami with Chicken | 14.99

Chicken sauteed with salt, pepper, and middle eastern spices over homemade hummus and topped with roasted almonds. Served with Arabic bread. 

Merguez Hummus | 15.99

Homemade lamb and beef sausage over our homemade hummus, seasoned with Middle Eastern spices, & topped with roasted almonds.

Hummus Plate | 11.99 

Homemade hummus served with fresh sliced veggies, extra virgin oil, and Arabic bread. (VG).


Jerusalem Salad | 10.99

Tomatoes, cucumbers, and fresh parsley in a special tahini sauce. (VG). 

Andala House Salad | 11.99

Made with lettuce, parsley, tomatoes, and olives. Topped with feta cheese and house dressing. Served with Arabic bread. (V).


Eggplant Mtabal Salad | 11.99

Baked eggplant puree with tahini sauce, lemon juice, and garlic. Garnished with parsley and extra virgin olive oil. Served with Arabic bread. (VG).

soup & salad

Lentil Soup | 7.50

Served with lemon and Arabic bread. (V).


Fattoush Salad | 10.99

Lettuce, parsley, tomatoes, and cucumber. Topped with olive oil, pomegranate dressing, and cracked Arabic bread. (VG)


Tabouli Salad | 10.99

Bulgur wheat, parsley, green onions, tomatoes,  cucumber, lemon juice, and olive oil. Served with Arabic bread. (VG).


Chicken Musakhan Sandwich | 13.99

Sumac spiced chicken with sauteed onions in extra virgin olive oil. 


Chicken Khalili Sandwich | 13.99

Musakhan with raw jalapenos and tahini sauce. 

Merguez Sandwich | 14.99

Homemade lamb and beef sausages with tahini sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles. 

Chicken Shawarma Sandwich | 12.99

Made with fresh onions, pickles, garlic sauce, and a touch of hot sauce.


Avocado Press Sandwich | 12.99

Sliced avocado with homemade olive tapenade, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese. (V). 


Jerusalem Egg Sandwich | 12.99

2 eggs with melted cheddar cheese, fresh parsley, scallions, and tomatoes. (V).

Falafel Sandwich | 12.99

Homemade falafel with onions, lettuce, pickles, hummus, and tahini sauce. (VG). 

Kufta Besiniah | 17.99

Baked ground beef mixed with fresh parsley, onions, and garlic. Topped with freshly chopped tomatoes, served on a bed of rice.

Chicken Kabab | 17.99

Baked chicken and vegetables. Served with rice and Jineen salad (cucumber, fresh parsley, and tomatoes). 

Thyme Garlic Chicken | 17.99

Roasted chicken seasoned with thyme, garlic, and olive oil. Served over rice, with a side of yogurt salad.

Shrimp Ma’ali | 19.99

Cooked with tomatoes, garlic, ginger, parsley, jalapenos, and lemon juice. Served over rice.

Chicken Shawarma Plate | 17.99

Shawarma chicken on a bed of rice. Served with a side of Jineen salad (cucumber, fresh parsley, and tomatoes) and garlic sauce. 

Falafel Plate | 14.99

4 pieces of falafel served with green salad, hummus, tahini sauce, and Arabic bread. (VG).

Shakshokeh | 16.99

Fried tomatoes with fresh parsley, garlic, and jalapenos. Topped with 2 eggs and served over a bed of rice. (V).


soup & salad
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